Having a healthy body is so important in order to live a vibrant, happy life.   I’m Elisabeth Castleman, and I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer.  It is my job and passion to get you to exactly where you want to be with your health and fitness in a sustainable way. This means a kind of training that you enjoy, and a nutrition program that fits your life.  

          Everyone I work with starts in a different place, and it’s my job to help you understand that it is absolutely possible to get the body and fitness level you’ve always wanted. My view of health and fitness is holistic and takes into account every aspect of your life and work, your current body composition, your exercise and diet history, and your goals for the future in order to create a program that works.

          It’s easy to get “lost” in the misinformation and end up making choices that lead to negative consequences.  My philosophy is based on utilizing proven strength training principles to deliver maximum results for fat loss, muscle gain, and increased mobility.   I specialize in helping busy professionals achieve their goals with a time commitment that fits their life.  I deliver a service that is completely tailored to the individual-every person is going to require a different training and nutrition protocol in order to reach their goals.  My desire is for you to build a healthy, fit body that is easily maintainable, be surprised by how strong you’ve grown during our time together, and to take that strength and apply it to every aspect of your life.